Waste to Hydrogen Webinar

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Sponsored by the San Diego Energy District
Moderator, CCE Executive, Jose Torre-Bueno

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Conversion of Municipal Waste to Hydrogen Gas

Date & Time May 12 Noon-1PM

Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO, Ways2H

Dr. Jack Brouwer, Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Jose Torre-Bueno, Executive Director, Center for Community Energy

Many of our landfills are reaching full capacity at an alarming rate. We, as a nation, produce three times the municipal waste per capita than the global average. With the concern of available landfill space being the primary issue at hand, this calls for innovative solutions to revolutionize our disposal methods.

Meanwhile, we are embarking on a massive infrastructure development to produce and distribute clean energy sources for transportation. Hydrogen is one of these sources.

In this webinar, Ways2H will introduce its groundbreaking technology to convert municipal waste into hydrogen gas.

Ways2H uses a thermochemical process to convert solid municipal waste into clean, useful hydrogen to power heavy industry equipment and transportation vehicles. High temperature cracking destroys toxins and prevents their release into the air or water table. The waste stream can include all harmful pharmaceuticals, plastics, sludge, biomass and other forms of municipal waste. 

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