2023 E-Bike Research and Report for San Diego County

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With the help of a Community Enhancement grant from the County of San Diego, in early 2023 CCE launched this project to address a gap in the County’s decarbonization framework.  Work on both the SANDAG’s Five Big Moves and San Diego’s Regional Decarbonization Framework (RRD) had been based on data that preceded the explosion of e-bike sales.

To assist the progress the county has been making in advancing decarbonization, in 2023 CCE conducted public outreach and research to assess attitudes and concerns in the following five areas:

  1. General Public in San Diego County.

CCE reached out to members of the community to examine attitudes and concerns about e-bikes. This included meeting with people at public events and via online surveys.

  1. Cycle Clubs and Their Members

CCE contacted members of cycling clubs in San Diego County to assess attitudes about e-bikes: their pros, cons, safety concerns, and whatever other issues might motivate or demotivate the adoption of e-bikes.

  1. Cycle Shop Owners

CCE talked to bike shop owners to understand the nature of demand for e-bikes including level of demand, demographics of buyers, sales to date and anticipated sales, and issues such as price, maintenance, and care.

  1. Bicycle Manufactures 

CCE contacted bike manufacturers to discuss expected growth of e-bike sales in San Diego County with particular focus on demographics of expected sales, product liability, and positioning and advertising of their products.

  1. Health and Safety Concerns

CCE researched insights and observations on accident rates and other safety concerns. In addition to using publicly available research and statistics, CCE reached out to police and healthcare professionals in our area.

See research results here:  FULL REPORT HERE.

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