CCE’s Growing Intern and Volunteer Program

Photos: Apr. 29 at Earth Day Event, Valencia Park/Malcolm X Branch Library in San Diego.
Pictured: CCE Intern Panu Narkmanee interviewing Terry Robertson from “We Need to Talk“,
 Interns Claire Li and Ethan Hu who surveyed attendees about e-bikes; 
CCE colleague Karl Aldinger, SIerra Club San Diego Chapter, with his home-built e-bike; and
CCE’s Susan Wayo interviewing Adria Fox, CEO at C4GS-ZEDlife

Education and community involvement are crucial parts of what we do at CCE. This includes an increasing emphasis and reliance on a growing Intern and Volunteer Program.  Interns are typically college seniors or graduate students pursuing degrees in areas such as engineering, computer science, public policy, and related.

By working with CCE, interns receive professional guidance to them hone their skills and gain valuable experience and knowledge, especially in areas related to energy and environment.  In return, CCE is able to accomplish vital work that it could not otherwise afford to undertake.

Since early 2020, CCE has been recruiting Interns from area colleges and universities that have included UC San Diego, Cal State San Marcos, Point Loma Nazarene, and other California institutions.  CCE also recruits volunteers through sources that include VolunteerMatch, AARP, and our own website.

At present, CCE has interns and volunteers working carport and EV-related projects, research and outreach for the County-supported hot water heater project, public policy, website development support, and administrative support.

Current and Past CCE Interns and Volunteers include:

Alejandra Aranguren AlonsoEngineering
Alvaro Bautista San Martin – Engineering
Chad Bear – Engineering and Analysis
Anqi BuData Analyst
Michael Casinelli
Engineering Communications
Alberto Sanchez Cuadrado
– Engineering
Seth Dramen – Engineering

Paige Gehringer
Admin and Marketing
Silvia Ramirez Gozalo – Engineering
Hanna Hudson – Engineering
Lucia Urbelz Lopez-Puertas
– Engineering
Justin Le – Mechanical Engineering
Anoushka Motwani – Environmental Systems
Reid Murphy – Marcomm

Christine Partington – Marcomm
Kevin Peake –  Financial Modelling
Kevin Peng – Analyst
Danny Quang – Data Analyst
Dario Quintana Carbajo  – Engineering
Fred Reed
– Engineer Professional and Volunteer
Andrea Salas – Analyst
Aurora Seamanduras – Project Coordination
Borja Serra – Engineering
Tina Sohrabi – Cognitive Science & Design Intern
Sunny Su – Engineering
Arrianna Towner – Marcomm
Selvam Veerappan – Decarbonization Projects
Sridhar Seshagiri – CCE Academic Advisory Board