Sridhar Seshagiri, PhD

CCE Academic Advisory Board

Dr. Sridhar Seshagiri obtained his PhD in nonlinear control under the supervision of Prof. Hassan Khalil. Since Aug 2003, he has been with the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at San Diego State University.

His research interests are in the broad areas of nonlinear control, and applications to  renewable energy technologies (photovoltaics, wind energy systems and battery energy storage). He was the SDSU PI/Co-PI for the “Consortium of Universities for Sustainable Power (CUSP)” grant, funded jointly by ONR, EPRI, and NSF, and the “Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Energy Deployment (GEARED)” program funded by the DOE.

In summer 2010 and 2011, Dr. Seshagiri was a faculty research intern at San Diego Gas & Electric, and worked on PV inverter modeling, governing standards, utility experiences, and effects of high penetration levels of PV on distribution grids.