Social Media and Marketing Intern Job Description



Candidate will collaborate closely with CCE’s experienced professionals and receive valuable guidance in the process.  CCE and SDED have a proven track record of helping interns gain real world experience that has better prepared them for obtaining jobs – especially in challenging times and markets.


Candidate must:

  • Be able to demonstrate deep knowledge of social media platforms and their application.
  • Be able to provide recommendations and proof of past social media usage success.
  • Understand how social media platforms differ, and key success factors for using.
  • Be able to use social media to position two organizations: The Center for Community Energy (CCE) and The San Diego Energy District (SDED).
  • Know how to create plans for using social media that will support the marketing strategies and needs of CCE and SDED.
  • Be able to track and report on activities and results achieved. Results must demonstrate increased interest in and support for the activities of CCE and SDED.

Highly desired:

  • Some understanding of California’s energy sector and players, including Community Choice Aggregators.


Candidate must:

  • Be passionate about addressing climate change, especially through decarbonization of the atmosphere.
  • Desire the opportunity to collaborate with and learn on the job from experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the energy sector.
  • Be able to demonstrate a willingness to collaborate closely with others when required, but also perform as a motivated individual contributor.
  • Be comfortable working remotely.


Candidate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate strong writing and communications skills.
  • Be able to select compelling graphical components to attract the interest and following of key target markets, organizations, and individuals.
  • Quickly grasp the intricacies and challenges of electric energy production, distribution, regulation and business models.
  • Grasp and use language and terminology appropriate to the space.