CCE Marketing Intern Job Description


Candidate will collaborate closely with CCE’s and the San Diego Energy District‘s (SDED) experienced professionals and receive valuable guidance in the process.  CCE and SDED have a proven track record of helping interns gain real world experience that has better prepared them for obtaining jobs – especially in challenging times and markets.


Candidate must:

  • Have or be working on a degree in marketing or a degree in business with a focus on marketing as an essential business discipline.
  • Understand available communication channels, how they differ, and key success factors for using them effectively.
  • Be able to provide recommendations and proof of past performance success.

Highly desired:

  • Some understanding of California’s energy sector and players, including Community Choice Aggregators.


Candidate must:

  • Be passionate about addressing climate change, especially through decarbonization of the atmosphere.
  • Desire the opportunity to collaborate with and learn on the job from experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the energy sector.
  • Be able to demonstrate a willingness to collaborate closely with others when required, but also perform as a motivated individual contributor.
  • Be comfortable working remotely.


Candidate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate strong market research, writing, and communications skills.
  • Quickly grasp the intricacies and challenges of electric energy production, distribution, regulation and business models.
  • Recognize the possibilities for change that could help us more quickly achieve decarbonization while simultaneously creating value for key stakeholders, especially rate payers.
  • Grasp and use language and terminology appropriate to the space.
  • Help position two organizations: The Center for Community Energy (CCE) and The San Diego Energy District (SDED). This will require understanding the critical differences between the two organizations.