At the Center for Community Energy we are focusing on

Energy Efficiency and Electrification 2.0

We are at an environmental tipping point. We must decarbonize!


This will require ROOFTOP SOLAR!
But SDG&E, PG&E, and SCE want to kill rooftop solar!
Please help us stop them!

CCE founders were instrumental in creating the second carbon-neutral city in the US

Communities can learn to take control of their energy using three levers


Wind and solar energy
installations can power
communities for less than
conventional fossil fuels


In the last few years, standard
purchase agreements make
obtaining renewable power a
straightforward activity


Advances in energy storage
make renewables available
even when the sun isn’t
shining or the wind blowing.

An energy revolution with tangible benefits for citizens


For more than 100 years, electricity was delivered in a one-way flow from large coal or gas powered generators to consumers. Utility monopolies granted by the government were the natural means of managing such a unidirectional system.

Now, industry technologists and other experts are finding important synergies among renewable generation, batteries, electric cars, control systems and other technologies. This is driving an energy revolution that is making the old monopolist model obsolete. A new distributed model will allow private citizens and community leaders to manage their local production and distribution, achieving tangible benefits for all of us.

• Cleaner environment
• New jobs and higher employment
• Money stays in the community
• Improved well-being and emotional satisfaction

Here’s how our services can help communities decarbonize


CCE tracks the latest
developments in energy
so communities can avoid
making decisions based on
obsolete data.

Education & Events

We hold non-commercial
educational conferences
and seminars on timely
topics in renewable energy
technology and policy


Our experts are available
to advise governments,
business, CCAs and other
organizations on renewable
energy planning.


The future really can be better for the people who come next

A stable climate. Clean air. Vibrant nature. Quiet cities. Abundant energy.


We have the power to make it so. At CCE, we are working hard to ensure a planet that’s a pleasure to live on. The inventor of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk, said it best:
“The future really can be better for the people who come next”