2019 Energy Futures Webinar Series

10 Webinars Delivering Exceptional Value
to the Community Energy Sectors in California.

Archived Recordings & Presentations

June 12, 2019:  San Diego Community Choice Context

A JPA of CCAs, a SDG&E Territory Wide JPA, or some other organizational structure? What responsibilities does the CCA have in becoming the sole, public option for power? How to preserve choice and community throughout the service territory of SDG&E while accelerating the adoption of emission-free electricity?

Moderator: Scott Anders, USD EPIC Director

– Jan Pepper, Peninsula Clean Power CEO
– Jason Caudle, Lancaster City Manager & California Choice Energy Authority Executive Director
– Greg Wade, Solana Beach & Solana Energy Alliance General Manager

Sponsor: Bayshore Consulting & Procopio Law Firm

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June 19, 2019:  Current Legal Structure of the CA Electricity Market

The role of California Independent System Operator (CAISO) & PUC, generators, investor owned utilities, CCAs, The responsibility to provide resource adequacy The meaning of renewable energy, RECs, greenhouse gas free energy, and emission-free energy.

Moderator: Jose Torre-Bueno

– Cathy DeFalco, Bayshore Consulting Group, Director of Procurement and Regulatory Affairs
– ​Kevin Coffee, ZGlobal, Vice President Market Operations

Sponsor: ZGlobal

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June 26, 2019:  The physics of energy delivery

– Daily and annual variation in usage, demand forecasts
– Variability of renewable resources
– Dispatchability of resources
– Congestion and losses
– Curtailment of renewables
– Frequency Regulation
– Ancillary Services and Grid Reliability
– The emergence of the “Duck Curve”

Moderator: Jose Torre-Bueno

– Kevin Coffee ZGlobal
– Mike Evans Shell Energy North America

Sponsor: Shell Energy North America

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July 17, 2019:  The Economics of the energy market

– Price volatility and risk
– Least cost dispatching
– The impact of credit rating
– Energy contracts vs. Load contracts
– Effective load carrying capacity (ELCC)

Moderator: Jose Torre-Bueno

– Christine Vangelatos, Z Global
– Ashley Bernstein Calpine Energy Solutions

Sponsor: Z Global

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July 31, 2019:  Legal aspects of energy procurement

– Request for Proposals (RFP).
– Energy contract types (PPA, Benefit Sharing, Take or Pay, Right of Curtailment, Right of Resource Substitution, Penalties). Auctions.
– Feed In Tariffs, Market Adjusted FITs. PUC Contract Reporting.

Moderator: Jose Torre-Bueno

– Kevin Coffee, Z Global
– Jigar Shah, Generate Capital

​Sponsor: Z Global  

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Sept 11, 2019:  Resource Adequacy (RA)

– The origins of the RA requirement
– The requirements: 115% N-1
– Timing of procurement required
– Types of resources accepted
– Net Qualifying Capacity of a renewable type
– Batteries as RA resources

Moderator: Lane Sharman

– Ashley Bernstein Calpine Energy Solutions  (Absent)
– Brian Goldstein, Pacific Energy Advisors
– Jose Torre-Bueno, San Diego Energy District
Sponsor: Z Global

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October 16, 2019:  Storage and the Grid

– Resource Adequacy
– Energy Load Shifting
– Frequency Regulation Up/Down

– Self-Consumption
– Load Shifting
– Demand Charge Reduction
– Time-of-Use Bill management
– Export Restrictions to the Grid for NEM Sites

Value Stacking:
– Multiple services & income from storage

SDED Seasonal Energy Storage Proposal:
– Resource Behind the Meter in Winter
– Resource In Front of the Meter in Summer

Confirmed Panelists:
– Rick Brown, CEO Terra Verde Renewables
– Jesse Montano, Z Global

Moderator: Jose Torre-Bueno

​SponsorZ Global

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October 30, 2019:  Types of Energy Storage

– Chemical storage from batteries: Lithium, Zinc & Flow batteries
– Bulk, Gravity Storage (Heindl)
– Functional, Variable AC from Thermal ICE Storage (CALMAC)
– Functional, Variable Refrigeration (Surechill)
– Other Systems: Pumped hydro Seasonal storage systems, Sterling
– Relative costs and future prospects

Confirmed Panelists:
– Roger Lin, Vice President, NEC Energy Solutions
– Hugh McDermott, Vice President, ESS Inc
– Philippe Bouchard, Vice President, Eos Energy Storage
– Lane Sharman, Executive Director, San Diego Energy District

Moderator: Mike Ferry, Director, Center for Energy Research UCSD

Sponsor: Baker Electric

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Nov 13, 2019:  The Impact of SDG&E Exiting the Energy Procurement Role 

CCAs in San Diego will be the first to enter a new regulatory environment because at some point in the near future SDG&E will no longer be the provider of last resort and the concept of opt-out will change.

Other changes include the loss of a competitive tariff from SDG&E.
Other issues will be discussed including the timing and the availability of SDG&E’s resource portfolio for sale.
Legislation was introduced to clarify how the electricity market will change in this environment but it did not pass.

CALCCA and some IOUs have proposed the creation of Central Procurement Entity (CPE)
to resolve sourcing Resource Adequacy (RA). RA issues will be considered.

Two JPAs are in formation in San Diego. Many jurisdictions remain on the sidelines uncertain about how and when to make the inevitable decision to form a CCA or join a JPA.

Presentations will cover what entities may come into existence and what new roles CCAs will have to assume.

Confirmed Panelists:
– Sean MacNeil, Director of Legislative Affairs California Community Choice Association
– Joe Weidman Director of Legislative and Regulatory Policy Peninsula Clean Energy
– ​Jose Torre-Bueno, Director and Program Manager San Diego Energy District 

Moderator: Lane Sharman, Executive Director,  San DIego Energy District

Sponsor: Calpine Energy Solutions

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Nov 20, 2019:  San Diego: Past, Present and Future of Community Energy

San Diego and its Community Energy Providers could assume the power supply mantle during the next few years now owned and controlled by San Diego Gas & Electric since 1881.

What is the historical context?
– Are there immediate obligations of SDG&E to the emerging Community Energy Providers (CCAs & JPAS)?
– As load serving entities (LSEs), what can local CCAs do to provide for a more economic, carbon-neutral, and advanced community energy future creating opportunity for all?

This webinar is the last of the 2019 Energy Futures Webinar. It brings together three visionaries and leaders with different perspectives on how local control of energy can empower the economic, environmental, and utility reforms required for a resilient, just and safe future.

– Lane Sharman – The Historical Context, San Diego CCA First Mover, Executive Director, San Diego Energy District
– Shawn Marshall – The Present Formation Process with an emphasis on San Diego, Founding council member of Marin Clean Energy, Executive Director, Local Energy Aggregation Network
– Dr Lorenzo Kristov – The potential future of Advanced Community Energy in San Diego, 18 Years of Senior Positions at the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), Consultant

Moderator: Dr Jose Torre-Bueno

Sponsor: Calpine Energy Solutions

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