LEarn Why Electric Vehicles are Critical to a Clean & Economically Viable Energy Future

June 17, 2021 – 12:00 Noon, 1 hour webinar

According to the California Air Resources Board: “The transportation sector, including all passenger cars and light trucks, heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and the fuels needed to power them, is responsible for more than half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is also responsible for the majority of smog-causing pollutants and is a significant source of toxic air contaminants that directly impact community health. These emissions pose a direct threat to the environment, the economy and public health.”

Watch this video:  EV or Gas, What Pollutes More?.  Then join us on June 17 to learn more about just how important EVs are and will be to cleaner, safer, and more economic and efficient energy future in California and elsewhere.

Our speakers will include:

Mike Heumann

VP of Marketing for Rhombus Energy Solutions

Mike Heumann has been leading the marketing efforts at Rhombus Energy Solutions since 2019. Prior to Rhombus, Mr. Heumann was a sales and marketing executive at a variety of companies, including QLogic, Emulex, NextIO, Astute Networks, Dot Hill, and JNI. He has a BSEE from the University of Wisconsin, a MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University, and completed the Stanford Executive Institute Leadership Program.

Jerimy Deines

F150 Lightning Specialist at Gosch Ford

Jerimy has been in the automotive industry since he graduated High School in 2017, having been with Ford the entirety of his time in Sales. Before then, and to this day he also does automotive photography and hosts events.

Jerimy fell in love with Ford Motor Company early on and when he moved to Arizona he had one goal in mind, and it was to work for Ford.

Unlike many people in sales, Jerimy is a true product advocate and enthusiast, having owned Fords strictly and believes in everything the brand is doing for the future and with their product line. Having sold 300+ cars he understands how to listen to a consumer and address all of their questions they might have about the process and the vehicle itself.

Bruce Nelson

Aptera Product Ambassador at Aptera

The subject of air pollution was on my radar after I participated in the first Earth Day in 1970.   My exploration of Man’s effect on the environment has caused me to learn German, Persian, and Japanese.  While living in Japan in the mid ’70s I did some design work with a Japanese electric vehicle company to explore what was possible for personal transportation.

I became very concerned about the effects of air pollution after going to Kuwait during the fires to measure air pollution and experiencing an extreme example first hand.In 2000, I joined the company that developed the first ozone friendly refrigeration system. While there, I learned that the r134a replacement for Freon, while it was solving the ozone depletion problem, had 1700 times the Global Warming Potential of carbon dioxide. As a result, I submitted the first proposal to the US EPA under the SNAP program for a non global warming refrigeration system.

I have become convinced that one of the best (and most fun!) ways to get a handle on our transportation and energy systems is to improve the efficiency of our vehicles.


CCE President, Board Member and Executive Director

Dr. Jose Torre-Bueno, who will moderate this webinar, is a founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Community Energy. He is a green technology scientist and environmental advocate.  He is also a designated intervenor with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

An expert in battery technology, photovoltaic systems, utility rates, and modeling energy demand, Dr. Torre-Bueno has become a contributor to the development of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, and has been meeting with local governments to educate and encourage them to buy in to CCAs.

With over a decade of working in green technology, he has extensive expertise in designing, optimizing, and building photovoltaic/battery combined systems.  Dr. Torre-Bueno has decades of experience in presenting complex technical information to audiences with all levels of expertise, and has been a driver in groundbreaking product development for green technology and the biotech industries.  Dr. Torre-Bueno has been awarded 34 patents for his inventions, and has a pending patent on using advanced mathematics to optimize the energy improvements to a building. He received his PhD from The Rockefeller University.