Tina Sohrabi

CCE Intern – Cognitive Sciences & Survey Design

Tina Sohrabi is a design intern at Center for Community Energy. Having experience conducting user research, at CCE she is responsible for surveying the community to understand their perspective on urgent environmental issues (i.e. carbon emissions from water heaters in large apartment complexes). She believes that solving environmental challenges in San Diego involves, in large, consolidating the community’s knowledge and experiences. 

Tina is finishing her degree in Cognitive Science (with Specialization in Design and Interaction) at University of California San Diego. As a Revelle College student, she also has a background and passion for the humanities. She has experience in UI, UX, and visual design from class projects at UCSD, design activities such as design marathons, and working with non-profit organizations Atutu and Youth Garden at Second Chance. Her experience is not limited to design, however. Interested in local policy, she also interned at San Diego County Taxpayers Association, where she analyzed the data and methods of SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Transportation to determine its legitimacy. 

Tina is pursuing a career in design because she believes she can use her Human(ity)-Centered Design education and experience as a tool to redistribute control and power within voiceless populations that matter.