Silvia Ramirez Gozalo

Engineering Associate

Silvia Ramirez Gozalo is an Engineering intern at the Center for Community Energy. Her main responsibilities include researching electric code specifications as well as specializing in Xendee and Helioscope to model and design the most efficient solar panel layouts for solar photovoltaic projects.

As of Summer 2022, Silvia is a super senior majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of San Diego. She has experience on various sustainability projects based in California and communities in Mexico. Her work focuses on cost analysis of materials in order to select the most effective and environmentally conscious options that align best with the sustainability goals of communities and businesses.  On all her projects, Silvia strives to adhere to the five phases of Lean Six Sigma.

Silvia is constantly looking to support actions to reduce climate change and help communities find more sustainable ways to live their lives and manage their communities.