“We believe YOU have the right to make energy from the sun on your property without unreasonable interference by the utility.”

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But SDG&E, PG&E, and SCE – the Investor Owned Utilities – have different ideas!

Cartoon by Mike Peters, Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist at the Dayton Daily News, with permission.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) just proposed charging solar users an average of $57 per month, nearly $700 per year, simply for putting solar panels on their roof. This, and the other components of the CPUC’s proposal, are a near-carbon copy of what PG&E and the other utilities have pushed for months.

If Gov. Newsom doesn’t step in, the PUC will finalize these changes by January 27th, and they will go into effect this spring!  .

1) $57 per month solar penalty fee for putting solar panels on the roof. The more solar panels, the larger the fee. This includes apartment buildings, new homes built with solar per the state mandate, and solar-powered batteries. The fee would be the largest in the U.S.A.

2) 80% cut to the credit solar users get for sharing surplus solar energy with the grid. The credit would drop from an average of twenty-five cents per kilowatt hour to about five cents. This cut happens immediately; we predict it will end the solar market overnight.

3) Roll back in protections for existing solar users. Existing solar users are currently protected from changes to net metering rules for 20 years from the date their system turned on. The CPUC is now proposing to reduce that protection to 15 years, and eliminate the protection altogether if you accept their battery rebate.

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