Learn Why Induction Cooking is So Much Better than Gas or Standard Electric

Aug. 5, 2021 – 12:00 Noon, 1 hour webinar

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A typical home produces over 20 tons of heat trapping emissions per year from CO2 production and methane leaks*. Cooking with gas is particularly problematic.  But so is using standard electric cooktops which are far less energy efficient than induction cooking.

Watch this YouTube video by colleague James Wang from the San Diego Building Electrification Coalition for an introduction to these problems. Then register to join us on Aug. 5 to learn about why induction is a more energy-efficient cooking solution – for both the home and for institutions including restaurants!

*Source:  Electrify Now, which uses data from the US Dept. of Energy, US EPA, US Energy Info. Admin., Union of Concerned Scientists, and other credible sources.

Our speakers will include:

Listen to Chef Galarza’s podcast,
Sustainable Overload

Chef Christopher Galarza

Chef Christopher Galarza, Founder and Culinary Sustainability Consultant, Forward Dining Solutions

Renowned for his work in kitchen electrification Chef Chris Galarza is the Founder and Culinary Sustainability Consultant for Forward Dining Solutions LLC. As one of the country’s foremost experts in commercial electric-kitchens, chef works with clients to sustainably create kitchens of the future. Chef has worked on notable projects such as Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus (the world’s first fully self-sustained university campus), Microsoft Redmond, and Castilleja All Girls School.

Chef worked for several prestigious establishments such as Carnegie Melon University, Monterey Bay of Pittsburgh, and The Greenbrier of WV where he apprenticed under several Certified Master Chefs and culinary Olympians. Chef leverages his experience as a culinarian, educator, and consultant to get projects moving forward and leaves operators educated and prepared to successfully, efficiently, and safely run their kitchen for years to come.

Charlie Trujillo

Fellow for the San Diego Green Building Council

Charlie is an emerging professional who became environmentally conscious during his college career at San Diego State University. His greatest passions in sustainability lie within the built environment where he can integrate his two areas of study: sustainability and engineering.

As a fellow for the San Diego Green Building Council, Charlie helps with the implementation of the “Electric Home Cooktop Program”, a program designed to help folks experience the benefits of induction cooking first hand.



Dr. Jose Torre-Bueno, who moderated this webinar, is a founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Community Energy. He is a green technology scientist and environmental advocate.  He is also a designated intervenor with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

An expert in battery technology, photovoltaic systems, utility rates, and modeling energy demand, Dr. Torre-Bueno has become a contributor to the development of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, and has been meeting with local governments to educate and encourage them to buy in to CCAs.

With over a decade of working in green technology, he has extensive expertise in designing, optimizing, and building photovoltaic/battery combined systems.  Dr. Torre-Bueno has decades of experience in presenting complex technical information to audiences with all levels of expertise, and has been a driver in groundbreaking product development for green technology and the biotech industries.  Dr. Torre-Bueno has been awarded 34 patents for his inventions, and has a pending patent on using advanced mathematics to optimize the energy improvements to a building. He received his PhD from The Rockefeller University.