2010 Virtual Symposium

2020 Virtual Symposium

Past events have included our June 5, 2010 Virtual Symposium Titled “DECARBONIZE & TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR COMMUNITY’S ENERGY NEEDS.” 

This event was co-hosted by The San Diego Energy District Foundation and the UCSD Center for Energy Research. In addition to an impressive roster of speakers, our keynote for this event was Congressman Mike Levin.

We Need Your Immediate Support

Our conference report will be used to convince policymakers that electric vehicles are the solution for enabling a clean electricity grid, and the best way to reduce greenhouse gases.

Your donation helps make it possible for CCE to organize and present this important scientific conference. Your generosity will also facilitate work on the consensus document detailing the benefits of advanced vehicle-to-grid energy distribution.

Corporate contributions will not be accepted in order to present unbiased recommendations to policymakers.