Market Research & Survey Support Intern


This internship can benefit an individual seeking a degree in variety of areas that may include market research, data analysis, marketing communications, and/or sociology. This individual will assist on a project for which CCE has received a Community Enhancement Grant from San Diego County.  CCE will be conducting a series of workshops on Energy Efficiency Improvements in Rental Properties which are, on average, 15% less energy efficient than owner occupied homes and a third of renters pay over 6% of their income for their energy bills. SD County’s Decarbonization Framework identifies improvements in energy efficiency in rental properties especially water heaters as a high priority. 

To conduct these workshops, CCE needs to understand the attitudes of various constituencies that include renters, landlords, property owners, contractors, and others.  Do so will require both in-depth research as well as execution of surveys.  Results will guide project execution and will be included in a final report that will be delivered to the County at the conclusion of the project.


Candidate must:

  • Be seeking or have a degree in an area applicable to this challenge.

Highly desired:

  • Some understanding of California’s energy sector and players, including Community Choice Aggregators.


Candidate must:

  • Be passionate about the environment and sustainability.
  • Be comfortable working and collaborating virtually.


Candidate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of market research, analysis, surveying and report preparation.
  • Write well as well as do research efficiently.
  • Collaborate effectively with other team members – e.g., electrical engineers, solutions modelers, and economic analysts.