Lane Sharman

Board Member, Chair, Treasurer, Director of Development

Lane is a social and serial entrepreneur. His accomplishments include launching the first independent water credit exchange in California (Borrego Water Exchange); and, leading the Community Choice Aggregation energy movement in San Diego, resulting in the first and only San Diego Community Choice Energy program to launch in 2018 (Solana Energy Alliance). He is actively transitioning the vision of the San Diego Energy District to the Center for Community Energy and its new team.

Lane seeks to encourage all forms of innovation in young people. Innovation is at the heart of how we solve complex problems like global warming, homelessness, inequality and the myriad ills confronting modern society. 

Lane’s lifelong passions are surfing, French culture and language, and mathematics.  Lane has a BA in Mathematics with a Computer Science Option from San Francisco State University.  Prior to this, Lane studied Mathematics & Computer Science at the American University of Paris. After receiving his BA, Lane completed post-graduate studies in Lotka-Volterra population models.