Kevin (Xueshan) Peng

Analyst Intern


Kevin Peng is currently working as an analyst intern at the Center for Community Energy, seeking to model future uptake of V2G capable EVs. He assesses the availability of the V2G technology across the EV models on the current market through research and direct communication with automotive companies. 

For CCE, Kevin is seeking to utilize his past background to efficiently assess the possibility of wide V2G implementation in the future, potentially eliminating CPUC’s need to upgrade the power grid and thereby decreasing cost as well as carbon footprint.

Kevin is currently working towards a joint B.S. in Economics and Mathematics at University of California, San Diego.

Previously, Kevin was an intern at Zurich Insurance Group, working as an underwriter. He has also worked in Richland Capital as an analyst for the venture capital company. In addition, he has done various kinds of research related to the EV market at SAGE Automotive Interiors, a leader in the automotive interior industry.

Kevin adores solving complex problems and utilizing a holistic perspective. He loves playing tennis, video games, and the piano in his off-time. He also enjoys literature and movies.