Kevin Peake

Modeling Analyst

Kevin Peake is an associate for the Center for Community Energy in the area of modeling. He helps research and understand the complicated staRsRcal models used by energy policy makers and renewable energy researchers. He has a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University, dual majoring in Actuarial Science and Economics.

Kevin works full Rme as an actuary, building his experRse in modeling, analyzing uncertainty, and projecRng long-term cash flows. He knew the importance of climate change, but aZer moving to California where energy is a frequent topic, he realized this was a cause worth invesRng Rme and effort into. He is adapRng those skills and learning how to contribute in the world of renewable energy.

He lives with his wife, and two dogs in Escondido. They’ve embraced CA energy efficiency trends with a solar backup baPery, a hybrid vehicle, and energy saving HVAC. But are also loving the perks of year round biking, wineries, and taking the dogs to the beach.