For years I believed cooking over an open flame on a gas stove was the only way to cook and cook well!, but frankly, not impressed. Not anymore!

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), a non-profit Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) that “exists to provide more renewable energy at competitive rates to customers” in Alameda County, CA and 11 of its cities, is launching a campaign to promote induction cooking.

As EBCE points out: “Induction cooktops heat a pan instantly and deliver twice the thermal efficiency of gas cooktops. They also eliminate the carbon monoxide and other toxins emitted by gas stoves.”  This graphic from EBCE highlights the important benefits of induction cooking:

Benefits of Induction Cooking – from EBCE

EBCE is even offering a $300 rebate to encourage its customers to replace existing gas cooktop ranges with induction!   

Watch this video from Sunset Magazine to learn more and to get a delicious recipe to try!  See also this Consumer Reports review on the Best Induction Ranges of 2021 that EBCE posted on its website.

A lot of small changes in our lives can add up to big impacts!  Let’s all join EBCE in rethinking not only how we obtain electric energy, but also how we use it!