Fred Reed

CCE Volunteer – Engineering  

I am an engineer with 33 years of leadership in the commercial aircraft industry. My goal is to pivot into the energy transition field to better align my profession with my values. This is to work towards a healthy environment and sustainable economy through energy transition and environmental stewardship.  I’m currently involved in research and development of solar PV, EV’s, and Heat Pumps (HVAC and water heaters).  

I’m active in environmental and climate initiatives thru CCE, CCL (Citizens Climate Lobby), the Sierra Club and CHSPIA (Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association: board member).

I support actions to reduce climate change because we don’t have the right to leave a damaged planet to future generations. The science is clear that we are on a destructive path. My main concern is that the next generation will inherit an environment much worse that the one in which I grew up. The only question is how much worse.

I have always been concerned about the damage we were causing to the environment thru pollution, and the loss of key habitats such as wetlands and forests. However, the past damage pales in comparison to the future effects of climate change due to the greenhouse effect. Not only will many species become extinct, but the environment we live in, our croplands, and many other ecosystems will be changed in ways that will make all our futures uncertain.