Financial Analyst Intern Job Description


CCE has a proven track record of helping interns gain real world experience that has better prepared them for obtaining jobs. Candidate will collaborate closely with CCE’s experienced professionals and receive valuable guidance in the process.


Candidate must:

  • Have or be working on a degree in finance, business, engineering, economics or related.
  • Be able to understand and analyze the economics and financial impacts of existing or proposed projects.
  • Be willing to collaborate closely with the engineering and other technical talent with whom CCE works.
  • Be able to analyze complex reports and models that CCE must understand and/or use.
  • Be disciplined, process oriented, and passionate about accuracy and timely execution.

Highly desired:

  • Some understanding of California’s energy sector and players, including Community Choice Aggregators.
  • Familiarity with the Waveapps accounting platform.


Candidate must:

  • Be passionate about addressing climate change, especially through decarbonization of the atmosphere.
  • Desire the opportunity to collaborate with and learn on the job from experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the energy sector and the financial challenges stakeholders face.
  • Be comfortable working remotely.


Candidate should also be able to:

  • Assist two organizations: The Center for Community Energy (CCE) and The San Diego Energy District (SDED). This will require understanding the critical differences between the two organizations.
  • Assist with forecasting and tracking revenues and costs for both organizations as well as for specific projects the organizations may undertake.