Energy-Efficiency Initiatives
focused on
Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Local Solar.

The state of California has a goal of eight million zero emission vehicles on the road by 2030. The majority of these will be electric vehicles (EVs). CCE’s research and that of others has shown that EVs could become major sources of power and help address a serious energy problem known as the “duck curve.” (See the CCE paper, “V2X as a Solution to the Duck Curve.”)

CCE has initiated a program to work with local-area owners of EVs to evaluate how and how well EVs could be used to power homes or businesses, especially at night or during blackouts, and enable owners to avoid having to buy power when rates are at their highest.

This initiative will test to see if area utilities are following a recent California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) order requiring electric utilities to allow the connection of advanced home EV charging stations. CCE is actively enlisting the cooperation of EV manufacturers, Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) companies, and EV clubs to as part of this work. CCE is also developing a cost-savings and revenue-generating solar carport strategy for large office buildings in our area.

In our efforts, CCE collaborates with organizations include members of the San Diego Building Electrification Coalition, Clean Coalition, and Save California Solar.