Darío Quintana Carbajo

CCE Intern – Engineering

Darío Quintana Carbajo is an Engineering analyst intern at the Center for Community Energy. He is collaborating in a project to promote solar carport architecture by helping to develop it and working as a financial analyst.

He was born and raised in Madrid where he studies a degree in Industrial Engineering at Pontificial Comillas University.  He did his senior grade in Colorado School of Mines achieving different goals and learning to excel mixing Spanish and American knowledge. He graduated in 2022 in his Engineering degree and will continue with the B.S. in Engineeringwhile he studies a Masters in Big Data.

Dario is very concerned about the environment. Therefore, he did not hesitate to be part of this team, developing a carport not only to reduce decarbonization in California, but also to create a better and healthier world. A sustainable and high quality energy supply has become a necessity in today’s world.

That said, Dario is very happy to work in this company with amazing professionals and an incredible work environment.