Center for Community Energy

Accelerating sustainable local energy production and storage through education, research, advocacy, technical advice and consulting.

CCE’s Goal and Mission

CCE’s ultimate goal is decarbonization.

To substantively contribute to achieving this critically important goal, CCE’s mission is focused on accelerating sustainable local energy production and storage.  

CCE’s Programs

To pursue it mission, CCE addresses and promotes the interests of private citizens, small businesses, and non-profits.

In 2021, CCE programs are focusing on vehicle-to-grid solutions, the possibilities and challenges of green hydrogen, and electrification of vehicles and buildings.

CCE Board Members

Jose Torre-Bueno – Pres., Bd. Member, Exec. Director
Susan Wayo – Board Member & Secretary
David Dufek, Esq.– Vice Chair, Board Member
Lane Sharman – Board Member
Avery Kintner – Board Member
Jay Klopfenstein – Board Member
Eve Simmons – Board Member

CCE Associates and Interns:
Alejandra Aranguren Alonso
– Engineering and Analysis
Chad Bear
– Engineering and Analysis
Alberto Sanchez Cuadrado
– Engineering and Analysis
Kevin Peake
–  Financial Modelling
Lucia Urbelz Lopez-Puertas
– Engineering and Analysis
Ysabel Yu – Research and Policy

CCE Associate & Intern Alums:
Andrea Salas – Intern
Aurora Seamanduras – Intern
Michael Casinelli – Engineering Communications
Paige Gehringer – Admin and Marketing
Christine Partington – Marketing and Communications
Arrianna Towner – Marketing and Communications
Reid Murphy – Marketing and Communications
Seth Dramen – Engineering
Hanna Hudson – Engineering

The Center for Community Energy is a California corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit.