Virtual Poster Session

The following are topics with links to “virtual poster sessions” provided by supporters and sponsors of the
2020 Virtual Symposium.

Goleta Load Pocket Community Microgrid (GLPCM)
by Clean Coalition

Valencia Gardens Energy Storage (VGES) Project
by Clean Coalition

California Public Utilities Commission agrees to consider avoided transmission costs when assessing the value of DER
by Clean Coalition

Clean Coalition helps Santa Barbara Unified School District start massive solar microgrid initiative
by Clean Coalition

Deriving a Climate-Stabilizing Solution Set of Fleet-Efficiency and Driving-Level Requirements for LIght-Duty Vehicles in California
by Mike R. Bullock

Large Scale, Long Duration Energy Storage, and the Future of Renewables Generation
by Drew Beyer (5), Gianluca Gigliucci (3), Chris Harvey (3), Mateo Jaramillo (1), Ryan Kan (5), Luigi Lanuzza (4), Petar Litchev (5), Mark McGrail (3), Carlo Papa (2), Daniel Pappo (5), Massimo Schiavetti (3), Ted Wiley (1)
1 Form Energy, 2 Enel Foundation, 3 Enel Green Power, 4 Enel, 5 Enel Trading North America

Electric Fleets: 8 Steps to Medium and Heavy-Duty Fleet Electrification
by Black & Veatch

Aliso Canyon Impacts on Summer Markets
by Mike Griswold – Ansergy

Energy Storage As A Transmission Asset in Regional Markets
by Rao Konidena, Derya Eryilmaz, Caroline Heilbrun

Missing discourse on microgrids – The importance of transmission and distribution infrastructure
by Rao Konidena, Bixuan Sun, Vivek Bhandari

Pumped Energy Storage: Vital to California’s Renewable Energy Future Release: May 21, 2019
by   David G. Victor, Kevin N. Davis, Thomas (Tom) Haag,  Scott Flake, Gary Bousquet, Lan Wiborg